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Israel’s bid to become a preeminent world nuclear superpower has run into problems after state authorities launched a corruption investigation [Monday 27/2] into the deal to buy three more Dolphin Class nuclear submarines from German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp. The investigation centres around Benjamin Netanyahu’s lawyer and cousin David Shimron, who is also currently presenting a local Israeli agent for ThyssenKrupp. The three new submarines would bring Israel’s existing nuclear fleet up to nine craft [three times that of the UK, France, and as many as China – Germany still prevents itself from possessing such vessels] and at a price of $1.5 billion former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon had recommended them unnecessary but when he was replaced last year the contract immediately went through posing the possibility that certain parties might have sought its completion for unknown personal reasons.

The next few months were already going to be hectic for Netanyahu’s lawyer who is currently busy defending his cousin in two other corruption cases. The first involves the Prime Minister’s reported receipt of gifts from Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan and the second, a probe into allegations of impropriety in Netanyahu’s dealings with Amnon Moses, publisher of Israel’s top-selling newspaper Yediot Aharonot. Netanyahu has denied all three sets of charges calling them ‘baseless’ but with regard to the submarine deal the speed with which it was finalised [one year] when normally such complex procurement negotiations have taken much longer, will surely only add to the controversy.

The story is notable for several reasons. At first glance perhaps not the most obvious of these being that Thyssenkrupp was once owned by Fritz Thyssen the famous Nazi sympathiser who, along with Prescott Bush, George Walker Bush’s father and grandfather of Dubyah; Netanyahu’s ally in ‘The War Against Terror’, funded the Nazis through the Union Banking Corporation during the 1930’s and early 40’s into WWII. This connection is intriguing in itself considering the Thyssen group’s involvement with previous global military buildups and their resulting conflicts, especially when Israel is being funded to the tune of $3.8 billion a year [Washington Post Sept 2016] by, in effect, the same US based company i.e. Bush and Co. that funded the Nazis. Of course, right now, the story is more relevant because it brings much-needed global attention to Israel’s rapacious armaments programme historically kept under the radar by the western press.

Many countries will dread Israeli stockpiling nuclear weaponry and, in an age of widespread global nuclear disarmament by the established superpowers, surely no sane person celebrates such proliferation of devastating and broadly unnecessary weaponry, especially to states with apparently so many axes to grind. Iran’s population will be made most ill at ease about this escalation of power. Whilst Tehran is constantly accused of seeking such nuclear capability itself Israel have never allowed IAEA inspections of its own nuclear military arsenals and their production facilities and the world, in the most part, remains utterly ignorant about the amount of nuclear and biological weapons Israel possesses.

Whether anyone is prosecuted over the deal it would seem that the submarines will be delivered one way or another and the international community may only hope (as praying becomes less fashionable in the west) that Mr Netanyahu, or his successor should his Premiership run into further insurmountable legal complications, never feels the need to enact ‘The Samson Option.’ This is the grim policy held solely by Israel amongst the world powers to use its nuclear weapons universally against all targets if threatened with defeat, even if, as Samson destroyed himself at the temple in Gaza, destroying themselves in the process.

The case on earth continues.


Samson Option – Wikipedia

The Samson Option is the name that some military analysts and authors have given to Israel’s deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against a country whose military has destroyed much of Israel.

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