Jilted Girl



                        (for Annette)


Always you try to love
    despite constant rejection.
Music is velvet around a craving heart,
do not speak.
Fill a room with flowers,
    rearrange furniture
    help build a bookshelf
    paint walls white.
Do not let old lovers recognise you
    while new trees are weeping into spring.
Vietnam is far away, decimal coinage
    and the revolution.
Pine trees rain-sodden, laugh
    under a dusty carpet,
mind colours hurt eyes.
Pollution and too many people
    spread to disorientate the peace that lies
    just beyond the most vivid dream.
Only is love real,
    when walking slowly away into a dawn
That you do not try to stifle and possess.


Léonie Scott Matthews


Artwork: Godfrey Old

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