Journeys from the Heart of the Street Writer – Part Five


Now, after ‘N’ I slept with an older woman not long after us breaking up!

This woman had been showing up after every BIG relationship I ever had…

She was persistent – I had to give her that!

Then; there was a young 18 year old virgin after that and we were basically just good friends who could kiss and hold each other.

(To be honest I wasn’t so crazy about sex at that time anyway)…

Then; all of a sudden while I was doing every open mic I could get my hands on in the North of Ireland I would meet my next beautiful girl!!!!

I was putting on little open mics in my own hometown at a small and luxurious café called: Café Piazza – and I was doing open mics in Derry and Coleraine, Belfast and some other town I cannot remember the name of – but I would be doing an open mic in Portstewart and that is where I would meet her…

I had a wonderful friend/filmmaker who was studying at university and living in Portstewart and I asked him if it would be okay to stay with him while I did a gig there and we could catch up at the same time.

He was absolutely fine with that and he wanted to come to the gig as well.

A friend of our family drove me over (he has got 70 years’ worth of stories) but I love him for all he does for us…

Funny enough, he just changed my fuse the other day… damn he’s a good man… great if I am to be totally honest!

We eventually found my friends shared accommodation and me and my friend had a coffee then we walked to the bar it was being held at… The Anchor Bar – and the gig was being held by my friend and fellow poet: Michael Wilson… and damn he is fucking good too!

Damn you meet some interesting people at gigs and open mics ha ha…

There was a woman there who loved to swim in the sea in the middle of the night and the two headliners have started publishing my poems in the two magazines they run from the big Belfast city.

When the gig was over my friend asked me: have you ever tried Doner meat on chips with taco sauce? – ‘I have not’ I replied – so there was an Indian takeaway next door to the pub and we went in, ordered our food and walked back to his.

We talked and ate for a while and then he started getting tired…

He showed me how to use Netflix (my first time ever) and I was older than him and you would think I would know how ha ha…

I found Danger Mouse and I was landed…

I unchanged – grabbed the blanket and curled up on the sofa and dived into it…

I got into the second season and one of his flatmates ‘L’ came down from her room to talk to me…

I talked to her for a while and 20 minutes later she came in: N2

I talked to both of them for quite some time and N2 just blew me away!

Eventually they went back upstairs to their rooms and I sat twiddling my thumbs for a bit and thought ‘fuck it’ I’m going up!

When I entered N2’S door – she was lying down on her bed playing with her phone and I lay down next to her – I would look over at her every now and again and we would stare into each other’s eyes knowing something was there, but we did nothing.

I sat up all night in a high while they slept and wrote poetry and continuing to watch Danger Mouse…

The coffees were by the dozens and so were the cigarettes hanging out their window…

Eventually I was just finished watching a documentary about Keith Richards and they were all coming back in from their classes at university.

N2 asked me if I was hungry and I smiled as I said yes.

We all sat talking while eating the delicious soup and sandwiches she made for all of us and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She said to me and my friend if we needed a lift into the bus station she would be happy to oblige…

She drove us in and we said thanks!

Me and my friend had a coffee or two at a Starbucks and then I got the bus back home.

As I was sailing my way back home on the bus a friend request came through and when I opened it: it was no other than her!

‘Oh’ I thought – this is another start with another beautiful girl!





We always

Blessed ourselves

Every time

An ambulance

Passed us

In some way

We hoped

That it might

Take a bit

Of the burden away


Whoever was ill

I guess it did


We never fell in love





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