Knowing what is unknown

Feeling what is unfelt

Bringing forth what is hidden

Uncovering the mysteries,  

Deep source of knowledge lies

At the bottom of the well of mind.  

Chances act as opportunities to know them.

Knowing the unknown is the mystical ambience, 

In the depth of mind and heart     

Like fear kept at bay

And expression granted its stay.

Being social is our boon

Media controls the mind, it is said

We opt for technology and someone rightly said

“Information is beauty.”







Sushant Thapa
Illustrations  Nick Victor




Bio: Sushant Thapa is an M.A. in English Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Recently, he has been published in Trouvaille Review. His poems have also appeared in, USA. His poems have appeared in the print in The Kathmandu Post and online in My City portal of Republica Daily from Kathmandu, Nepal. His poems have also appeared in The Gorkha Times, Kathmandu, Nepal. Indian Periodical, India has also published his poems and he has also been published in Sahitto Bilingual Literary Magazine, Bangladesh. He is also forthcoming in a pandemic anthology and his first book of English poetry is also releasing soon. Sushant lives in Biratnagar-13, Nepal.  

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