Leave No Trace.


By Ethan Harrison

The Stone Circle at the Glastonbury Festival site was the scene for a touching tribute held by workers preparing the world famous event last Thursday evening. Tracy Harrison 50, a much-loved and long-term employee of the festival, sadly died on Wednesday evening and the deep affection held for her by her friends and colleges was expressed in all number of ways, not least this stunning arrangement of telehandlers spelling out her initials. Tracy was an irrepressible spirit who left an indelible mark on the festival including being one of the co-founders of legendary Goose Hall, the invaluable on site canteen where employees eat, socialise and debrief after another hard day’s work. However, there is also a rather beautifully serendipitous coincidence linking Tracy and the festival which will persist forever and, in such a way, that there perhaps could be no finer tribute to this sorely-missed and irreplaceable personality. From now on, and into the future, the phrase familiar to a million Glastonbury devotees will resonate for another heart-touching reason; ‘Leave No Trace.’ All the best lovely lady. Our thoughts are with you.

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