Les Liaisons Dangerous


In love
You had everything.
Lived for pleasure
Within each other’s bodies,
Until satiated,
Craved new horizons
Within the bounds
Of trust.
It worked,
Lust upon lust
Gathered greedily,
Daring together
Way beyond an individual’s
Slowly smiling, calculating,
You caused and watched the hurts
Noiselessly accumulate.
Yet in divine retribution
Nature’s law stepped in.
Jealousy, a mere shadow at first
But expanding into
Blinding darkness
Obliterating the power essence
Of mutual trust.
The temporary force
Mutilating and killing
The avaricious
Insatiable child
Of bored, power hungry
And distorted love.




Léonie Scott-Matthews
Pentameters Theatre

Artwork by Godfrey Old

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