Rewire a generation

Take out its heart


No humans needed

Just change the part


No need for comfort

No need for touch


No need for connection

No need for much


No animal kingdom

No sea fields or hills


Bring on the machine

Save on the bills


Just look at the screen

Just follow the crowd


Just give up your soul

Put your head in the cloud


Business will prosper

Business will gain

Business will flourish

Not much will remain


Seas will be plastic

Fields will be trashed

No one will know

Where the money is stashed



Amanda Cuthbert

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One Response to MACHINES

    1. This is so pertinent to so many things. Is there a day goes by without the theme of this poem surfacing in our lives?
      I like its simplicity. It could be a song too I think – set to music. Similar thoughts to Blake in “And did those feet…” but these days it’s hard to end with his hopeful call to build a new Jerusalem.

      Comment by Corinne Westacott on 2 July, 2018 at 9:07 am

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