Marcus Aurelius Discourse on Vintage Guitars/Marcus Aurelius Anonymous


The real guitar exists within your mind   –
No-one is the Maker
But soul and sweat of experience
The beautiful terrible memories   –

If you allow all this into your hands
Your fingertips and grip   –   it is no matter
Maestro if you fail as a musician

Whatever you touch will bloom
Because such simple discipline
Brings you to the unity of all things

Patience with persistent application   –
These are not among the modern virtues
And what are they but crass desire of fame?

This wood and wire you call your instrument
This Gibson Goldtop 1954   –

I’ll take it with me now to pay your drug debts




Misfortune follows those who crave
Exposure to inordinate attention

For whom the notorieties of fame
Are never quite enough

But they persist to make themselves
Lightning rods unsheathed

Attracting every passing storm
Electric with celebrity

‘Give me shelter’ some will say 
‘Shelter from the storm’

I dedicate to them my ‘Meditations’   –
Where the eye of the storm is still


Bernard Saint
Image: Claire Palmer

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