Matters arising


Matters arising.
New ideas being born
Across the Continents of planet Earth.
Firefighting and tinkering
with the dark, the light,
the wet, the dry,
the chilly or the warm.
Shaping the inner place
from which we operate.
Moving between rising and falling.
Grasping at a future
advancing towards us.
Sudden to take alarm.
Eager to be reassured
in moments of disruption.

A fragrant grace
presents itself through us.
Pleasure in the wind
alighting from the sea.
Sunlit patterns on the grass.
Retreating foot-steps in the sand;
running still amazes us.
The belligerence of the old.
Sensing the heavy burden
– of growing,
– nurturing,
……….– breathing

Imperatives that regenerate;
……….– warming, secreting.
……….(or seem to be)
Or, I always assumed to be that way.

The pain that is our presence,
no longer under the cure of delusion.
Caught up in…
Unable to move forward
or back;
Fearing reality.
Denying the importunity
of future good.

Obscured by our own obscurity.
Overshadowed by our own foreboding.


Marcus Blackett
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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