Mick Farren on The David Frost Show







Voice-over: Kathy Burke

Mick Farren Frost Show Freakout – When Hippies Fooled The World
Mick Farren, Rosie Boycott, and Stuart Maconie discuss the Yippie invasion of The David Frost Show headed by a delegation of yippies from the US, including Jerry Rubin and Stew Albert. British underground luminaries included Mick Farren, Boss Goodman, Steve Mann and Paul Lewis from International Times, Felix Dennis and Richard Neville from Oz. (When Hippies Fooled the World, 2001)
Clockwise: Jerry Rubin on The David Frost Show, Rosie Boycott, Stuart Maconie and Mick Farren

In tribute to the late great Hippie Yippie proto punk Mick Farren (watch him speaking from the audience) who died onstage recently, here is the much shown video (which many of you have seen more than once) of the legendary ‘invasion’ by Hippies/Yippies (including Yippie founder American Jerry Rubin) on The David Frost tv show in 1971.  Great theatre.  Different times. Very (white) male dominated to say the least. Last cry of the white male Countercultural movement of the Sixties.

Jeff Laster 



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