I grimace and kneels to examine
the darkness that befits 
the shape beneath my daughter’s bed.
Are you the monster? I ask the hush.
‘Are you the monster?’ is all I hear
as if the shadow asks me back;
its voice sounds nervous; its question
seems legitimate. 
I tell my daughter that morning will
sweep the floor soon. The dust of fear
will shift to a new address.




Kushal Poddar
Illustration Nick Victor

Kushal has a new baby to inspire him…..

Authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’, ‘A Place For Your Ghost AnimalsUnderstanding The Neighborhood’, ‘Scratches Within’, ‘Kleptomaniac’s Book of Unoriginal Poems’, ‘Eternity Restoration Project- Selected and New Poems’ and now ‘Herding My Thoughts To The Slaughterhouse-A Prequel’ (Alien Buddha Press)


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