HOLLAND: A Catholic lawyer has sought legal action over the ‘wrongful conviction’ of Jesus.

Dola Indidis accused Pontius Pilate, King Herod and emperor Tiberius, and others, of violating  the Son of God’s human rights.
METRO July 2013


The Christianity myth is, like all cultural myths, composed of the combined wisdom of the ancestors, shaped to their own advantage by those who had the power to do so.

The myth is a natural teaching device carrying information of a higher order than is generally available in the hum-drum everyday lives of future generations.

There certainly seems much to question when the crucifix, a fearful instrument of torture, agony and death, is flaunted as the symbol of the loving God which Jesus revealed in contrast to Jehovah, the previous wrathful deity of the Hebrews.

But power needs fear to impose its will, and the priests and Bishops were not slow to mould the emerging myth of love and freedom into fearful doctrines to suit their own Machiavellian ends.

Many are the ways in which this myth could have moulded itself if left to its natural inclinations, some perhaps, with less gruesome consequences.



And Jesus was scourged
And upon his head was placed a crown of thorns
And his cross was exceeding heavy

But as they were near Golgotha
There appeared before them a mist
Like unto a veil
Into which no man could go
And from out the veil spake there a voice saying:
‘Thus far my only begotten son
Indeed hast thou risen.’

And a pillar of fire didst stand amidst the veil
And the veil was uplifted
And the multitude didst come forward
And were about Jesus
And did free his limbs from the fetters
And his wounds they washed with oils
And the soldiers did this also
Even to the last man

For the great revelation was come
And the hearts of men were uplifted

Then was Jesus seated high upon the cross
And upon the backs of his disciples
Was he carried back into Jerusalem
And the multitude did sing and weep with joy
For it seemed that the very air turned golden

And Jesus raising his arms towards the sun
Spake saying:
‘Now we can begin.’

Dave Tomlin

Pic: Claire Palmer


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