The phantom enters on tiptoe. – Andre Breton


Hula! Hula! Hula!

Pitter patter pitter patter it’s weird, it’s misty, and yeah

It all points to the best night out miles away voyager high volume,

It’s all happening; things are turning on, thank you, cheers, ‘bye.

Stand Down Beauty Salon explodes the ultimate funfair old chap.

Get ready for your close-up kick ass and chew the scenery,

‘Cos that’s what we do! Fuzzy banter won’t hurt you.

Nothing beats booze and a bop, yee-haw!


Monster survivals towards glow same day classic flair dance

Mix your drinks extra and final radical chicanery

Revival night signs sub-focus prestige marbles lost and found.

In town fresh changes cautionary tales haloo! Assembly of

Black Machines hovering designs Mind Yuh Business!

It’s the ultimate feel-good schedule; here we are, stressed out

By pockets of rain and drizzle.

It’s time to whiz kid under pile of litter for stranger things

Superfast everything, wake up!

And another thing… get off the phone.

A thousand protestors in transparent macs stop look listen

On the move? I’m the ghost of fading text while

Ground-breaking danger images shape your world

Live one-to-one; just you and him?

Sick of the Albionic Man?


Damn this cosmic headache, move along, under the arches

I tell you that

Intergalactic fracture is doing my head in; turbo boost

Moody underground keeps coming over here upsetting the

Left Liberal Consensus one stop must-see live TV; take a seat,

Get The Look – here we go again, the Seismic Shuffle. Tectonic hot plates,

Multi-function display revolution, body and soul uplifting beyond

Deranged, estranged. Blow the gaff on divergence and Boost the Flap.


Hula! Hula! Hula!

You saw me, I saw you,

Temptress rocked the empire way back when,

Scandal of fading text – and I’m the ghost; and you’re on the run.

You want chocolate on top?

And another thing… pitter patter, pitter patter,

Gonna kick ass and chew the scenery,

‘Cos that’s what we do! Innit?






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