Nothing Nothing Nothing


According to George Osborne “IDS isn’t clever enough”. I agree with George. After decimating lives with the Bedroom Tax, thousands dying after being classed ‘fit to work’, and five years of cuts to some of societies’ most vulnerable people, Iain Duncan Smith now expects us to believe that he has discovered his conscience. Perhaps a brighter politician would have been able to foresee that no-one would believe his sudden metamorphosis.
IDS is quite rightly regarded as one of the most disliked people in government and his resignation should be seen clearly for what it is: a move designed to enhance his own political ambitions while promoting Brexit.
I wrote the song ‘Nothing nothing nothing’ in response to this vile man several years ago, and his resignation further cements my feeling that IDS should be regarded as one of the villains of our time. Masking political ambition with compassion for disabled people is truly appalling and I call on Iain Duncan Smith to apologise to all those whose lives he has ruined during his time in government. Shame on you Iain Duncan Smith, ‘there is nothing nothing nothing nice about you’
Captain SKA

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