Now is tomorrow, today has burnt


I walked and walked through a life with no virtue

In those days the drums rumbled,

shook me like a bullet; everywhere I looked.

Scandalous trends from cowardice bulls dumping dirt at my door

Is this what we deserve,

for a mess to break and fade our day?


That star magazine, they’re a pick-pocket colony

Those sad and sordid stories just a profit

on the pile. Hooks made up from fractious words

equip the crooks that wait their turn


A walking, talking, self-abased shame,

your unarmed parts belong to me alone


I’d close my eyes

and through the gaps I’d chase your silhouette

The laws we know in disarray; afraid to look ahead

One heavy load to sink the earth in spite whilst running solo

I hope your listening, as then I said it


I want the hurt you soothe on others

Get cut and pulled and stung by leaders with greater mental ability

Now it is tomorrow. Today has burnt


you’re a flammable, night-time, vulnerability.


Zack Ashley
Illustration Nick Victor























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