{The best writer of crime fiction alive – Newsweek

Those of you employed to keep a lid on things
And reassure us that (despite the evidence)
All is fine and dandy, Biden gave the game away

Opening up the future which gurgled downward

In a spiral, while the more realistic half of North
America set their hopes on Florida, meeting Mickey
Mouse and Goofy, aspiring to be winners not losers

Like the Democrats. What were they ever thinking?

Maybe while you’re down here, folks
You could visit our Waterpark Aquarium
With the pretty zoned-out mermaids, who
Will smile and wave while (not quite) drowning

Give you something to remember. Signed postcards

Memories to keep and treasure

This is the end of liberal democracy
(which was pretty rubbish anyway)

# the Waterpark Aquarium

was inspired by the Weeki Wachee Spring
from the Elmore Leonard novel, Maximum Bob

It’s where Bob first sees his future wife
Leanne, performing in her mermaid outfit

The Newsweek quote referred to Elmore Leonard
Steven Taylor
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2 Responses to OPINION PIECE

    1. On the nail!

      Comment by Tom on 1 July, 2024 at 12:15 pm
    2. Fabulous poem

      Comment by Angie Paula Mary Birtill on 3 July, 2024 at 2:07 pm

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