Plasma taken for payment



A pint of plasma can be exchanged at the Bowlers

for a good whisky;

Laphroig, Springbank, Tobermory,

with the added benefit of getting drunk faster.


A plumber’s business card, the final line reads:

We accept plasma payment – 5% surcharge applies”.


An inch of flesh can power

an hour’s worth of Maroon 5 electricity,

3 inch square pieces can be fed into the new meters.

Blood and semen, easy donations,

mainly painless can buy bread for a week.


Ow! Hair and Beauty,

(the first W removed by witty vandals),

Their nail varnishes now 30 shades of dust.

Screams echo from the back

as customers queue palely

to have nails and teeth removed.


You only need one eye, you can adapt, survive,

If scooped out at birth, it won’t be missed

and evolution will eventually make it more central.


Mr and Mrs Marsden are doing sums,

To work out which of Constance’s lungs

is stronger

and will make her wheeze along on the weaker,

providing transplants for richer asthmatics,


Warstein’s wig shop removes excess hair.

They shave new stubble and pay by the kilo

Pubic hair earns half this price,

supplements the dwindling supply of brown rice.


Dogs, cats, sheep are stolen

And returned and hour later. Bald.

Sentries guard hairy animals.

These men used to work the doors of nightclubs.


No-one leaves their houses after dark now.

body thieves

lurk close on each corner

with knives and spoons,

with tools and plans

to harvest your complete torso.

Knock you unconscious, break your jaw

and take the tongue,

that won’t tell your story

of ragged spaces where your fingers curled before.


Only one kidney is needed.





Sarah Dixon
Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs

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2 Responses to Plasma taken for payment

    1. Magnificently lurid!

      Comment by Barry Fentiman on 10 August, 2019 at 9:59 am
    2. Love it.

      Comment by Kushal Poddar on 16 August, 2019 at 5:10 am

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