Hey Dude

Boris Johnson’s very own Beatles tribute band, The Cheatles.


Hey dude
Think this is bad?
Wait until I unveil my Cabinet
Remember whenever there’s a new low
I can still go
And make it even worse

Hey dude
Yes, I’m afraid
I’m in charge now
Don’t even ask how
The minute you let me in Number 10
That point is when
This all gets even worse

So if you feel an optimist
Hey dude, resist
I care even less ‘bout you than May did
For well you know I play the fool
Because at school
My buffoonery was celebrated

Hey dude
Brexit, what ho!
Full steam ahead
And beat those dirty Reds
Not that I’ve a plan for how we should leave
I don’t even believe in Brexit, truth be told

Uh, I mean…
So let’s get out and start again
Hey dude, be zen
I’ll blag it and you will all be grateful
For well you know I lark about
To shut you out
‘Cause my real personality is hateful

Hey dude
Think this is bad?
I’ll make Priti Patel home secretary
And Jacob Rees-Mogg will be in the mix
Amongst other pricks
And it’ll get even worse

Backing track: YouTube/Ryohei Kanayama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3i6Z…



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