Po-Mo Plates Mark The Downfall Of Western Civilisation 


This is the staggering conclusion made by renowned sociologist Professor Albert Ludus in his new book critiquing postmodern culture titled  ‘NO! It really is that simple.” In the book Professor Ludus asserts that the slates, tiles, bricks (and other building materials) currently being used instead of plates in 75% of UK restaurants are, not only an infuriating yet unavoidable aspect of modern life but, in fact, the assimilation of a value-distorting revolutionary cultural ideology hidden deep within postmodernism that will ultimately ensure the downfall of western civilisation.

Speaking over dinner at a restaurant in East London the professor attempted to explain his theories, “Within this irrational obsession of eating off everyday objects instead of plates we see the epitome of postmodern ideology: the transcendence of man’s super ego – in this case his powerful desire to socially assimilate – over the truth: i.e. the plate simply does not work and his peas and gravy fall on the tablecloth. This arbitrary accommodation of illogical dogma has the same effect as telling a child that it will go to hell if it does not conform to the most perverse religion and, over time, causes long-term cognitive dissonance. With regard to politics the postmodernist orientates themselves accordingly, valuing the skewed dogma over rationality. When society embraces the habitually stigmatisation of logic, I’m afraid all you are left with is a theoretically insane population incapable of making the serious political decisions necessary to prevent representative government being replaced by a single synergised military, industrial complex. Yes – it really is that simple. Bollocks! My salad keeps going all over the place. Waiter!”

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3 Responses to Po-Mo Plates Mark The Downfall Of Western Civilisation 

    1. i had a fine morsel of CROPWELL BISHOP BLUE served on a slate bed at a *MICHELIN in notts

      Comment by jezdobbs on 22 January, 2017 at 11:15 am
    2. In 1973, Big John ‘n’ Pam, Nij ‘n’ Jeannie, and Me (that’s ‘Me’) opened a squat in a big hoose in West London. It thrived for a number of years, during which time doozens of peoples lived within, during which time we only ever used ‘proper’ mugs on Sundays ‘n’ Special Days, empty peanut butter jars sufficing for general use at all other times (although, of course, when in use the jars contained tea). This was because Big John was addicted to peanut butter, and had absolutely noothing to do with poomo, or any other moo. We never ate off bricks or off roof tiles, but when eventually the hoose was abandooned, Me (ie ‘Me’) and Dave the Van were discovered by a couple of local roozers removing tiles from the roof of the house to rebuild the roof on a new (and very old) squated hoose around the corner. When we explained why we were removing the tiles, instead of arresting us for vandalism and theft, bundling us into their car, taking us back to their cells and beating us up, said roozers helped us load the last few tiles into Dave’s Van (well, more of a gesture than breaking sweat). If these actions of ours caused pomo, then I’m very sorry. Is there anything I can do to change the arc of history again, in a better direction?

      Comment by pnother on 22 January, 2017 at 2:21 pm
    3. Cut out the middleman and chuck 98% of the garbage that is offered by big food corporations straight down the pooper. Approx 2% may be mildly nontoxic and we can feast on it as we watch the narco/corporations starve from our civilizations contempt

      Comment by james on 22 January, 2017 at 5:53 pm

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