Poems from the Underground

Anyone who has encountered the phenomenal force of nature that is Paul Blackburn will not forget the experience in a hurry – or possibly ever. Even if they try very, very hard.

You may have heard Paul perform his songs in the endearingly off-the-wall way that only he can. (Which is perhaps just as well.) Maybe you have witnessed him deliver his poems ands tories to enthusiastic, and occasionally bemused, audiences here in the UK, in Europe or – as he often reminds people – the USA.

Once upon a time, you may even have glimpsed Paul on TV as a young, Northern poet in the early days of Channel 4. Possibly, you have witnessed him attempt to play a teapot, or endeavour to dance with a brush as a
member of an avant garde, postmodern multi-media music group.

I am proud to say that I have been privy to all these happenings, and indeed many more not suitable for public consumption.

Anarchic poet, songwriter and chronicler of the absurd, psychedelic philosopher, master of Dada and expert exponent of the surreal, there is only one Paul Blackburn. Or is there?

His various incarnations have been legion: school dropout, political activist, working-class hippy, committed iconoclast, key contributor to the ground-breaking Bolton Free Press, founder member of national poetry network, Write Out Loud and most recently Chair of the Bolton Arts organization Live From Worktown.


Like Trump’s tan, Paul has many layers. However, Paul’s main thrust has always been his own original writing and here within this book is a small sample of his work.

Paul’s poems pull the rug out from under your feet and will challenge you to think differently. The current collection ranges from the comically complex to the deeply tragic, sometimes all in the same sentence.
Having the capacity to see the world afresh, drawing on a rare combination of childlike wonder and sophisticated understanding, Paul presents the reader with a unique and often provocative take on life.


I have known Paul for most of my adult life and have been privileged to witness his transformation from angry young man to equally angry old man. All of the poems in this volume will take you on some kind of journey. Open up your mind: it’s a trip you’ll enjoy and one you’ll remember.

One day back in the far-off sixties, Paul blasted off for outer space and rumour has it that he never really came back.


With this collection you can follow Paul down the rabbit hole.
You may be gone quite some time.
Dr Nat Clare


You can purchase the book from: https://preetapress.com/index.php/shop



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