poundland 1Illustration: Claire Palmer


I saw a distant light from afar
Was it a shop or was it a spar?
Through my thin fingers
Past my chapped hands
I saw this vision in the sands      
And it was clear       
It was Poundland

This is Poundland
You’re in Poundland
Shabba do wah
Shabba do way
We Love Poundland
Hip hip hooray

So swallow your pride
And step inside
Some parts are calm
And some parts are hectic
The tall and the small
And the anorexic
Pregnant teenagers pushing prams
Dogs in handbags sniffing I-ams
I’m overcome with a strange sense of peace 
How much is this liquorice please?

It’s a pound love
Everything’s a pound
You’re in Poundland
This is Poundland

Shabba doo wah
Shabbah doo way
We love poundland
(hip hip hooray)
I dream I find the dream girl 
Of my dreams in Poundland
Somewhere beyond the toilet duck spillage
In aisle 4 Next to the celebrity mask image
She’s the pale girl with dreadlocks
Searching for the organic section
“Excuse me – how much for this CD of One Direction”

It’s a pound love
Everything’s a pound
You’re in Poundland
This is Poundland

Shabba doo wah
Shabba doo way
We love Poundland.
(hip hip hooray)

If somehow I could contrive
To make Kevin Turvey come alive
He’d investigate Poundland
And he’d realise
The Poundland is Britain’s last paradise
Of democracy and fairness
Fairness and calm
Where all people are equal
And work on Maggie’s farm
From Moldova to Madrid
Whether you’re on or off the grid
They think the same thought
“Is this really a quid?”

It’s all one size in Poundland
No one tells lies in Poundland
It’s just a day in the life of Poundland
This is Poundland
You’re in Poundland
Shabba doo wah
Shabba doo way
We love Poundland
(hip hip hooray)


Jack Jones


HT to Keith Allen


trampolineFrom Twitter:

“the libertines tour poet was something else”

“The Libertines have an official tour poet. He comes on stage just prior to the band and recites such classics as ‘Ketamine’ and ‘Poundland.'”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trampolene_band
Website: http://www.trampolene.co.uk/



Directed and filmed by Roger Sargent.
Stevenage 12th December 2015.
Composed by Trampolene.
Recorded at Konk Studios.
Produced by Josh Green.

‘Pound Land’ is taken from the bands forthcoming mini
album, ‘Pocket Album Four,’ released through Mi7 Records in 2016.

TRAMPOLENE have released three mini albums: ‘Pocket album One’ Alcohol Kiss (April 2014), Imagine Something Yesterday (March 2015) and It’s Not Rock & Roll (October 2015). All are available from:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/tr

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