Power Malu Shines at 2019 Ackers

The honorees at the 2019 NY Acker Awards made some terrific statements about the history of the Lower East Side and their commitment both to the community and to the arts, but a rap performance by Power Malu about the devastation in Puerto Rico, where people are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria and from the failure of the Trumpistan government to provide proper help, was a highlight of the evening.

Phoebe Legere emceed the 2019 Acker Awards








Power Malu more than lived up to his moniker Thursday evening during the ceremony, where he was honored for his “music and community service.” I wish I had a video of his acceptance, but since I don’t, take a listen to a sample of his kind of rap music power.

The awards ceremony was packed.

Power Malu performing ‘I Bet You’ in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He was one of the honorees at the 2019 NY Acker Awards.

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