The Difficulties of a Statesman




                        Roll up, Roll up.

To form the advisory commissions,

the NGO’s, the consultative

councils, standing committees,

select committees and sub-

committees, NHS,

health care, transport, work

and pensions.

                       Master Jonathon

Cuthbert Freddy Ramsbottom

appointed head of telephone

call waiting algorithms:

salary: £300

a week: one system

for all departments and

a variation of Verdis

Four Seasons plus

Carols from King’s to cover



                 A committee

has been appointed

to nominate an ombudsman

chiefly to answer the question

of installing soap dispensers

to comply with the corporation’s

private finance initiative;

perpetual hot taps

not having motion sensors.


We have appointed a joint

committee to protest against

the reduction of orders. Meanwhile

the guards play midweek

Thunderball and the moths complain

about the lack of cowls

on the new street lamps.

What can I say?

Daddy, Daddy, their portraits

all look remarkably similar;

their eyes follow you round

the room.




Marcus Blackett




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