Power of Soul

If you could float above the Earth,

And watch the ripples swirling around you,

You’d never ever question the magnitude,

Of your spirit and the power of your soul.


Your eyes speak a lot more than you do.

I don’t have the power to change,

What you have been through.

Trust me,

Love me,

Hate me,

Fight with me,

Laugh with me,

Cry with me,

Play with me,

But just don’t leave me

You are special to me.



Monalisa Parida


Bio:- Monalisa Parida is a post graduate student of English literature from India, Odisha and a prolific poetess. She  is very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been translated into different  languages and publish in various e-journals.

She has got 80 international awards for writing poetry. Her poems have been publishing international e-journals “New York parrot”, “The Writers Club” (USA), “Suriyadoya literary  foundation”, “kabita Minar”, “Indian Periodical” (India) and “Offline Thinker “, “The Gorkha Times “.

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