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Genre(s): Psychedelics / History / Medicine / Culture / Comment
Apolitical Pharmacography: From Altruism to Terrorism in Psychedelic Culture by Henrik Dahl
Psychedelic Mushrooms: Ancient Women’s Secret by Mike Crowley
Towards an Integration of Psychotherapy and Pharmacology: Using Psychedelic Drug-Assisted Psychotherapy by Ben Sessa
Microdose Research: Without Approvals, Control groups, Double-Blinds, Staff or Funding by James Fadiman
White Rabbits and Elephants in the Room by Jim McAllister
Review: Aldous Huxley’s Hands
Review: Zig Zag Zen – Buddhism and Psychedelics


Authors: Various Editor: Robert Dickins
Sub-editor: Nikki Wyrd Commissioning Editor: Dave King
Editor-at-large: Andy Roberts
Graphics & Typesetting: Peter Sjöstedt-H
Cover illustration: Cujo Cussler


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Looking forward to this!

on Feb 17, 2016

Just ordered mine.
Still the BEST psychedelic publication there is.
I know my five-star rating might seem to some as premature, but not to those familiar with this journal – it always delivers!

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