As many of our regular subscribers are aware we do not accept nor do we offer payments.  However, when we received a request from the New York Museum of Modern Art to reprint Archive material in a catalogue I was unable to resist the temptation. After fierce negotiation the offer price was raised from forty odd dollars to the magnificent sum of $100. Our negotiations were carried out in the most genteel manner and I think it deserves to be said that the administrators of the Museum behaved impeccably, despite finding themselves shipwrecked on the wilder shores of art.

It gave me immense pleasure to be able to inform them that they had been involved in an exercise of principle not of finance and that International Times, having no bank account, will place their cheque in an honoured location within our archive. It is undoubtedly a tribute to the people who have laboured over IT for the last 50 or so years that the greatest modern art collection in the world has seen fit to reproduce our work.

Mike Lesser


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