Satan Adores Donald Trump


Pic Elena Caldera


The devil adores the new US president.

In love and in hell, he has made a sanctuary dedicated

To Trump, bedecked with pitch black flowers

And rancid lemon-sulphur candles.

Around this, the souls of the damned dance

In stumped adoration, like hungry flies feeding

On a steaming fresh pile of rich dung.


Child Demons brandish a Donald President-Pumpkin

Around on Hell’s Halloween as an example of

Absolute evil; an evil of thick brambles and thorns

At the heart of a meal. With his blood orange face

Pleasured within a burning coal frame, Trump, praised by Satan

Has re-ignited Hell’s flame. In the kingdom of darkness to come,

He is their bright religion: Trumpism, the cult

Of continuing evil, made from virgins, condoms,

Inflatable dolls and Viagra, each of them proffered

By the “carrot deities.”

Around this portrait, they jump, all of the evil goblins,

In treacherous leaps, which are violent,

Swathed in dark clouds of sin.

They laugh and enjoy every act of destruction

Celebrating Sheol with blood-bestial orgies, in thick urine rivers

In honor of Donald Trump, the false idol of all who are cursed.


Trump is Lucifer’s dream, which makes him a perverse

Form of angel, whose enveloping night also loves him,

Placing the US president’s photograph in hell’s pride of place.

The frame here is made of raven smoke and slick vapour,

That crawls, fluctuating like the darkened serpent of sin.

Trump’s oil and tar filters into each heart, cancering the world

And its people. It rattles the tooth of corruption and clogs

The artery of the good.

President Trump is divine in the malignant faith he espouses,

His devastations continue through his Mephistophelean sacrifice.

He will recreate hell on earth and paint darkness forever

Like a lump of tar, or an oil spill, whose putrid filth

Stains us all. He will mine and inject with a lethal dark

Satan’s fetish: a horrific clown, with straw hair

And the demonic look of a pumpkin,

Who will lead a dance in his honour to crush the poor

And the damned on this earth.


He has already begun.

The celebration has started.

We must all pay attention.


This was a world of love


Trump reversed.

retranslated  and  adapted  by  DAVID ERDOS


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    1. Right on target!

      Comment by Bob Rast on 17 December, 2019 at 8:34 pm

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