Satan’s Horses

“Satan’s Horses” Cabinet Of MillionairesHad a disturbing nightmare the other day so wrote this song. Forthcoming NEW SINGLE “Satan’s Horses” from Cabinet Of Millionaires. Get it for FREE (or pay what you want) in advance of the official release ….. Comrades, this is 100% DIY. Turn it up! Please spread the word and share the video. #politicsoffear #ashtv #chocolatefireguard

Posted by Cabinet Of Millionaires on Wednesday, February 24, 2016




release date: 1st MAY 2016
style: dance / electro rock with conscious political lyrics and a 90’s rave
label: Chocolate Fireguard
format: download only
(+ limited edition CD direct from

Dancey electro rock with conscious political lyrics and a 90’s rave flava



(just put zero in the box)”


OFFICIAL VIDEO is a must watch. Preview it on the artist fan page: (45k plays in three weeks):

C.o.M’s first eponymous single certainly got the word out (—> )
Mullet of Hospital Records said “rebellious electro vs the tories!”
The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity face-booked it was “fantastic”.
Botchit & Scarper / Emotif man Martin Love said “A truly revolutionary
track, that is reminiscent of the 70’s Punk/Dub movement, the vox mix brings
a rallying cry against the menacing presence of austerity”
and Eddie Gordon (Essential mix) said: “”The kind of dance track that DJ’s
like Andy Weatherall would turn people onto or the Talking Heads (official)
would delight the New York uber cool clubs with”

A few hundred thousand video plays and 10k facebook page likes later, and
even gigging over in Manchester during Tory Party conference and Love Music
Hare Racism events, C.o.M. is ready for the next single and its a banger!

C.o.M explains: “Had a disturbing nightmare the other day so wrote this
song. I mean does this government have the people’s best interests at
heart – yay or neigh? NEIGH! Its disturbing”

Having already sung Cameron’s speeches literally back in his face, the
follow up SATAN’S HORSES has the breakbeats, hammer-house chords and indie
punky anger to really push its criticism of the current Government’s
“politics of fear” tactics, infighting and general “self-servatism” The
delivery of main chorus “Satan! Satan’s Horses …. they’re coming” comes
across like a zombie Cabinet of Millionaires in a 60’s horror movie singing
the ultimate scare mongering message, juxtaposed with the sordid hedonistic
hook “hear them voices in your head, you’ve gotta party” which makes you
wonder if everyone is actually concentrating on the job in hand and wouldn’t
rather be off partying somewhere or god forbid bombing some other Country
into oblivion …..

Remixes coming from

Benbo (breakbeat)
Kooky (tech house)
1point5 (dark and bass-heavy UK garage-inspired)



facebook —>
youtube —>


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