Smart Bombs



We’re not out for revenge, we just want to
bomb the shit out of someone. How can we
sit and watch everyone else flying sorties?
We could be clever, decouple effect
from cause, yet thinking is too difficult,
talking takes too long. How can we keep our heads
when others are losing theirs? Though reasoning
may be flawed, lacking or even absent,
we’ve a reputation for precision
bombing. Our choices may be misguided,
never our bombs. They’re hot with love for justice
while those whose only argument is peace
will be trampled under the boots of history.
We respect your right to hold and express
contrary opinions but we’ll quote you
out of context because you’re either with us
or for them. We don’t care how many bombs
it takes to defeat an ideology.
We’ve enough. We bomb because we’ve been bombed
to stop ourselves being bombed. It’s not knee-
jerk to want to break the cycle of violence
with violence. So let’s do the right thing
because it’s the right thing to do: send in
the planes; forget that bombs rally followers
to the opposite cause and we’ll have to bomb
till there’s no-one left to radicalise.
Let’s take our partners in the dance of death.
It’s unsafe to ever end this embrace.
We don’t need a plan or to think it through.
We don’t need to think at all. We’ve smart bombs.



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