Poland Step Forth – Stop Cowering Under the Shadow of a False Protectorate

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One of the more depressing sights of the past decade or so, has been witnessing Prime Ministers and Presidents of Poland making their ritual journeys to North America and being photographed gazing adoringly into the eyes of the President of the USA.

Why depressing? Because love affairs with international criminals never have happy endings.

It may be that I’m missing something, but I can’t understand why it is that so many supposedly ‘educated’ Poles cling to the belief that the US remains the nation’s most likely saviour?

It’s not that I think England, or France or Germany, or even NATO fills that role – I don’t believe any of them do. Their agendas simply serve their own interests, not that of others.

I simply wish to state that Poland is its own saviour – and that by always inventing other false saviours, it is merely putting-off its overdue baptism into self awareness.

Too often I have witnessed a bout of scary back-peddling whenever it is suggested that Poland might get off her knees and work towards the goal of achieving real independence from false saviours. A healthy resistance to foreign intervention. After all, Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, with a strong economy and very well stocked in natural resources. Why should she behave as though she was a frail fledgling about to be consumed by some vindictive giant?

This is called ‘victim’ psychology; it is the way that authorities maintain control over people. It is  a widely utilised tool of ‘oppression through fear’ which has long been exploited by various despotic regimes, as well as religious institutions.  Especially faiths whose institutional dogma demands obeisance to a higher authority: the Priest, the Pope and obedience to a biblical interpretation of the ‘laws’ of God. A sense of guilt, or a fear of divine punishment, should one fall out of line, can become a powerful source of repression – and add to the feeling of being an inferior, or ‘lesser being’.

Might such an inferiority fear factor have become an ingredient of Pole’s seeming unwillingness to stand up and be counted?

Fear is the wrong starting point for anything and everything. Poland’s history is not one driven by fear; quite the contrary in fact, outstanding are the feats of quiet heroism and steely determination shown by this nation. Especially when backs are up against the wall. And they are again now, but the wall they are up against is less solid than the walls of the past. It is now more a mind-wall than a physical wall.. which makes it all the more insidious.

What is going on today? Why are so many people (everywhere) in such a state of funk? In Poland, the phony victim-hood marriage with the USA comes at a very high price. The price of slavery. Edward Bearnaise, the founder of modern advertising, knew a thing or two about this. He cozied-up to all the Presidents of the USA from the 1940’s to the 1990’s, sharing his secrets on how to optimise mass mind control techniques in the cause of maintaining power over the flock: the secular version of religious repression.

Americans are an open book for such ‘virtual realities’; ‘The American Dream’ being one of the most prominent. This ‘dream’ espouses infinite material gain – at any price. Including, if necessary, the destruction of all that stands in the way of ‘living the dream’. The US, housing just a small fraction of the global population, uses one third of global energy production to satisfy it’s desire for unobstructed obesity. Then goes to war with more than 20 countries over the past 60 years in order to maintain its psychotic dependency.

Is this really the model of supposed generosity which Poles hold in such acclaim?

So I ask again: just why are Poles so starry eyed about a country whose reputation is increasingly held in disrepute, and ever more closely linked with being the world’s leading perpetrator of  international terrorism? Is it that you think the US and NATO will save you from Putin? Has Russia got a historical record of global hegemonic imperialism that comes anywhere near that of the USA in recent times? Look it up if you don’t know the answer. Are Poles still living-out some fantasy of supposed US liberation at the end of World War Two? Or is it that they secretly harbour a materialistic ambition, and see in the US greed machine the model to which they aspire?

Whatever is is, it must end.

Because Poland is already being viewed as ‘the war theatre’ for a World War Three style confrontation between the US and its NATO allies and China/Russia and their allies. Live US Patriot missiles have already been stationed outside Warsaw. While NATO troops are currently engaged in ‘rapid deployment’ war games on Poland’s Eastern border. NATO has a growing base in Szczecin and plans have already been made to establish further missile bases at an estimated cost 26.6 billion zloty, according to Rzeczpospolita.

The last Polish government invited NATO to station US Patriot missiles in its country – and if Katszinsky’s Pis carries on its previous love affair with the US, Poland will soon be bristling with with live missiles – all pointing at Moscow, of course. But the rules of warfare operate with a very simple and brutal simplicity: he who threatens is threatened back. Poland will cease to exist should a war scenario ever be played-out for real.

We cannot allow ourselves to sit back and cynically contemplate manifest horrors of mass destruction.  But we can take steps to to avoid them ever happening.

I’m speaking about steps that everyone can take to bring about change. Steps that start from a conscious ‘stepping back’ from indebted slavery to other nations, and their barely hidden ambitions. Actually brazen ambitions. Ambitions that contain not one iota of compassion or concern for those who are foolish enough to buy into their carefully disguised lies. Lies all too easily swallowed by those who believe they are being ‘protected’ when actually they are being taken-over. Once foreign military bases are firmly established on Polish soils, Polish authorities will retain little or no powers of control over who presses the button or pulls the trigger, should a military crisis become imminent.

So not for the first time, and at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I plea for the good people of Poland to let the scales fall from their eyes, and wake up. Wake up now to the reality – and take control of your destinies. Stop deflating yourselves and inflating others!

May the gentle power of spirit which dimly shines within, come forth now, unfettered and suddenly shining bright; freed from the doubts and fears that have held it back. For they are not your doubts. They are not your fears. They are the doubts and fears imposed upon you by mass indoctrination and by forces that wish to turn you into their servants, and your beautiful country into their sterile, satanic playground.

Rise-up now good people of Poland. Cast aside all that which blocks the way forward; and help my heart also to be lit, in this united struggle for genuine independence and lasting freedom.

Julian Rose
Montage: Claire Palmer


Julian is a farmer/activist and the author of ‘In Defence of Life’ a passionate call to take control of our destinies and stand in defiance of the life crippling policies of the powers that be. You can purchase his book at www.julianrose.info




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