Made in Hell, loved in Heaven
The eye of the storm is the jewel in the crown.
Within the hour we arrive at an inspiring destination,
No cloud, mist, or murk, just hungry love dramas
Here at the
Bureau de Cringe in mega-topia
Luxury hand-crafted just for you.

How worried should we be?
It’s game on! But huge uncertainty.
What can we expect? Something
Unlimited and right up to date.
When the film stops, you see streams of lights.

Well, it does more or less right now.
These extravagant wavelengths; the mirror
Those incomprehensible structures.
This is a blind spot so take care.
The distant trees are not what they seem.
Just listen to that smoochy saxophone;
It’s a class act but just camouflage
Really more like a lap-dancing stag night
Than a floral tribute in dream rotation.
Thank you, enjoy!


A.C. Evans

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