‘Sublimation – a love affair with the sea’


(Front & Rear Cover: unfiltered photograph from my lounge)

A new poetry collection by Kendal Eaton

Sublimation: “The first cause is to make the body spiritual. The second is that the spirit may be corporeal and become fixed with it and consubstantial.” George Ripley – alchemist (c 1490).

Poem samples…

Crest of a wave

…scorched scattered criss-cross
invisible to the touch
flies through me and off me
as chilled beams straight to you
no matter how far you can calculate
from just below the horizon

– we have travelled further than sound
and light –


is always felt
before it is heard.
and not heard.

Audible is a statement
of intent. When you could hear a pin drop,
did you get the point? You didn’t.

Received, emitted, rejected, audible, silent –
by resistance density is gauged. Blindly
a submarine threads a needle,
tickles its way through
strait and sound…

Did you hear
the birds and tide retreat
prior to tsunami?


Sexy beach

You’ll find me every morning in the same place but wearing
a different face.

You’ll need to spend time with me to get to know me
instead of lying
with your nose in the air sniffing out
the latest Ian Rankin, or getting sweaty with Jackie
Collins characteristic shenanigans; find
all my seductive soft-spots and blemishes,
my pitfalls avoid, if you want to feel safe with me…

I am the face in the convex mirror that exaggerates,
stretching the sky beyond its realm,
pulling it over me at each end, a duvet
too short for my bed…



Who said ‘the sea is flat’
a reliable means
to measure from,
height and depth, at what point is it
at sea
level? Try it.

When still it creeps stealthily,
without curling its tongue, pensive as a collie
amongst sheep…

Storm tossed scavenge

Hovering at breakneck for relief they cast
giant buckled clouds over a Georgian bay,
with scant regard for the antics
of naked revellers, suddenly overcast,
peering up from a plumb-core parasol
in a Bosche ‘Jardin…’

Tarnish the guilt
of an oriental dresser and see-through scantily clad insomniacs
raiding the fridge for midnight snack – every time you eat,
they know. Play solo leapfrog with their shadows
traversing the tightrope
between street furniture, a sepia trapeze
scraping the pavement as they swap shades.

Billowing nets of wheat sheaf and cotton daisies
they merge, wafting across a nursery – phantoms
of the night stalking
teddy drummers, patchwork balloons, cross-eyed
teary clowns and the wriggling fascination
of a still kicking new-born, open mouthed
– calm as a mobile.


from nowhere
to nowhere

I have ever been

though I have –
not this form, no
deja-vu, no
cognisance, no
past nor future

except this feeling could be
that form, simply

neither to
nor from

places we give names
for remembrance
Stratosphere, Cumulus, Niagara, Rivulet
Ortego – Agata, Alfredo,

Nuria, Laughter,


‘Sublimation’ is available in full colour illustrated paperback HERE

Full colour PDF edition £2.99 available here 


ISBN:  9798507883370

© Kendal Eaton 2021 (Sounding Off Publications)


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