She’s The Girl Next Door aka The Sunset Stripper;

Cursing her bra straps, always exciting, get it straight, get it smooth,

She’s fogbound in The Beat Basement and her fantasies are really taboo,

Wet dream death wish, flashy trashy, electrical superstars, spectacular moves.


You can’t do it! No way!

No stopping now we’re on CCTV

Please hold on – everything is about to move,

Don’t mix your Rosy Lea cocktails with filthy abusive language,

Power your day with elegant nails public waste flowers.

Freedom to go anywhere; baby it’s hot inside, it’s raining outside,

We are now approaching a different kind of taboo.

We love spirituality in reverse; sleep, relax, fetish, high heels

Slangy extra space – for love, revolution or biological determinism.

Flair for interior concepts, zingy fancies (please touch) and utility perdition.


For pleasure-seekers, hey!

Swedish massage potential antique and original guaranteed

(Except for my revelations:

Feel-good boohoo on the move, surprise me! – Go bananas!)

Open nothing stronger or faster exclusive yesterday life’s leftovers fast enough?


Mix your cocktails with karaoke best art of our day, fine foods,

International electrical feast, automated sex-doll, rent-a-gob operator,

Pop, schlager and chansons, why not?

Electro Clash or Nu Disco no way out for now, my Little Doolally Daydream

Why not? Suddenly we’re back in Eighteen Ninety Nine, what a laugh.

There’s Flora, Dora, Moira and Nora from Bickering-On-Sea

Not quite the English Riviera, but you know what I mean.

Nice line-up, very popular… see them at Romano’s any night of the week.

Hothouse tramps, clash classics, killer storm chaos, foxy, witchy, boost socket

The hidden garden of your mind, angelic hell of gearboxes, clutches and brakes,

And a cute, whistling, soundtrack by the very dodgy Dodge Sisters.

Don’t mess with the sisterhood, young man!


I couldn’t resist those radical flashers, she muttered: so stand by your style.

Then, in drops the Ghoul of Cool from Renegade City, so stand by your cold ambient

Bespoke joinery, subwoofers and strobes, stealth moon, an obscure vision

Humming tunelessly.

Follow tip-offs, wicked sense of humour, testing…testing…

Trente-neuf de fievre!



A.C. Evans

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