Tell Not Show



I went to Salvador Dali’s home-cum-studio in Cadaques, Spain a few years ago, while on a writing retreat.  I didn’t like Dali, but was curious.  The best thing there was his wardrobe covered with dried mustard flowers, and that wasn’t done by him,  but a workman who renewed it every few years. In fact I liked it so much, I treated my own wardrobe to sprays of dried white flowers.   But Dali’s paintings I find banal, and suspect.  I had a fantasy of a right-wing hotelier retiring nearby, and meeting a right-on type wanting to run creative writing workshops.  These would be as bad as my friend and teacher Anne Aylor’s are good. And so, a story took hold, incorporating Dali and his awful paintings.   Tell Not Show  is read by that great actor Peter Wight, who is Cyril Fealty.   

NB – Cyril Featly is NOT Basil Fawlty, and if anyone rips off Cyril they will be hearing from my lawyers.    Press play, dear reader. 


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