Terrorist’s Number Fixation Piles On Coincidences

When coincidences transcend statistical anomaly are they coincidences?

The Westminster terrorist attack that took place on the 22nd March has, once again, not only highlighted international terrorism’s fanatical hatred of the West, but also their seemingly fanatical fixation with specific dates and numbers. Only the clinically insane among us including the BBC, ITV, C4, SKY, The Guardian, The SUN and The Times etc missed the extraordinary coincidence that the terrorist attack in Brussels happened on exactly the same day 3/22 last year. Whilst the 322 Skull and Bones secret society connection, of which John Kerry US foreign Secretary, George Bush senior and George Bush junior are still members, might be easier to pass off as ‘tinfoil hat territory’, surely now the repetition of the number 11 within the dates of similar attacks (most recently France 11/13) transcends statistical anomaly to the point that only someone who eats a great deal of tinfoil would be able to ignore it.

9/11 is of course the most notorious of such attacks and, accordingly, the most infamous of dates presenting, in itself, a deadly eleven fest. Whilst everyone knows 9/11 is the US emergency service number, less known is that the ninth of September is the 254th day of the year; 2+5+4=11, 9+1+1=11, leaving 111 days in the year and making the ominous trinity 11/11/11. Intriguingly the terrorists picked American Airlines flight 11 (AA=11) to fly into WTC 1 and also cunningly managed to ensure the plane contained 11 crew and 92 (9+2=11) passengers, perfectly completing their insanely complex ‘Jihad.’ For their next trick they found two buildings resembling an enormous 11, containing 110 storeys each and also managed to knock down the 47 storey (4+7=11) Building 7 without hitting it, flukily making another 11/11/11. No doubt sending evil Mullahs all over the world into mind-bending fits of applied mathematics on their abacuses. The Madrid attacks followed on 11/3/04 (11/11/11) 911 days afterwards, before the London 7/7 attacks (77=7 x 11) which was, at least intriguingly, also the number of Flight 77 the plane type thing that hit the Pentagon, construction of which strangely commenced sixty years previously – to the day – on 9/11 (11/11/11) 1941, only months before the ‘old’ Pearl Harbour.

Before we had real terrorists we had to rely on people like lone-wolf Lee Harvey Oswald but, not to be outdone by ridiculous statistical anomalies, he also picked 22/11 (another 11/11/11) 1963 for his notorious magic bullet-touting assassination of JFK. Spookily carrying on the coincidences, the assassination of Chilean President Salvador Allende also occurred on the 11th of September 9/11 (11/11/11) 1973 though, of course, his murder was not carried out by proper ‘terrorists’ one might still imagine that it was quite scary for Mr Allende and those around him when several bullets blew his brains out. Of course 9/11 in English would usually be the 9th of November, which I’ll only mention in passing as it is another extraordinary coincidence, the date for the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 and, though not a terrorist attack, as such, the ’29th of the 29th’ (2+9=11) or Black Thursday 1929 World Stock Market Crash Day certainly made a lot of people take note – much like a terrorist attack. Even stranger of course Remembrance Day itself the 11th of the 11th of the 11th, the date we commemorate the ultimate terrorism of war, is undeniably 11 heavy. Now I come to think of it; WWI, WWII and WWIII when put together would be another 11/11/11 delivering, to whomsoever would desire such a thing, perhaps the ultimate deadly eleven fest.

All in all, if I wanted to protect people from terrorist attacks, or bad things in general, I would recommend that on dates with numbers which were either multiples or divisibles of eleven that they stay in, turn off the TV and have a cup of tea, in which gin, opium or perhaps cyanide would be optional depending on the amount of 11s.


8 Dec 2016 – Uploaded by hoax buster

9/11 and 7/7 numerology decoded using Crowley and the kabbalah 777. hoax buster 

9/11 and 7/7 numerology decoded using Crowley and the kabbalah …



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