From the pit of horror to clouds primed
By disaster, Crow Reeves’ image
Ascends from the black towards blue.

Reginald Christie’s spent ash is clogging the eyes
Of the missing as the loved and lost remain kissing
what they once considered as true.

Our own ground zero begins a new race
To progress in which human care
And suspicion must fight to the death

To become so much more than the strand
Of life’s tattered curtain, smothering breath
In a moment before restoring a scream

To the dumb. Not that they were.
There is such eloquence to a victim.
No matter how vanquished what they have known

Carves our text. We must be aware it is clear
In this and in any image of all that is
Watching and for the light and dark coming next.



David Erdos 8/1/17
photograph by Max Crow Reeves

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    1. Hello. Is it true, as Julian Palacios writes in his book Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, that everything in every issue of International Times is now in the public domain? In particular, is this true of the logo? If it’s not true, who does the logo belong to?


      Comment by Robin on 15 August, 2017 at 5:26 pm

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