The End the Cage Age parliamentary petition


Debates on 16th March: please lobby your MP now

Monday 16th March will be a huge day for UK farm animals.

The End the Cage Age parliamentary petition, signed by over 100,000 UK residents, will be debated in Parliament. Will you ask your MP to attend?


On the same day, MPs will also debate a crucial petition on the need for UK law to recognise animal sentience, also signed by over 100,000 compassionate people like you.

These debates present a historic opportunity to ramp up the political pressure to end caged farming and secure legal recognition that animals can think and feel. But, to convince the Government to act, we need as many MPs as possible – including yours – to attend the debates and speak up for animals.

Please – call on your MP now to join the debates.


Whilst there is already significant support in Parliament for a ban on caged farming, we must mobilise more MPs to make the case to End the Cage Age on 16th March. Over 16 million farm animals, including egg-laying hens and mother pigs, are counting on us.

Meanwhile, thanks to Compassion supporters and other campaigners, the Government committed in December 2017 to legislation that would recognise animals can suffer, feel pain and feel joy. But, over two years later, we are still waiting for this law. Now is the time to call on your MP to demand urgent legal recognition of animal sentience.

You might remember that these debates were scheduled for 9th September 2019, but were postponed due to the prorogation of Parliament.

Now, caged farming and animal sentience are back on the parliamentary agenda, and we must seize this opportunity to build a better future for UK farm animals. We owe it to the millions of sensitive, intelligent animals without a voice of their own. Please, urge your MP to attend the debates.

The parliamentary debates will take place on 16th March from 4.30pm and are scheduled to last for 3 hours in total. You can watch live on the UK Parliament YouTube channel.

Spread the word

You can also help farm animals by asking your friends and family to contact their local MP. You can share or use the buttons below.

Securing over 100,000 signatures on each of these parliamentary petitions is an incredible achievement, and it’s vital that we maintain the momentum. Please – email your MP now. It’s crucial that our elected representatives push for a ban on caged farming and demand that animal sentience receives the recognition it deserves.

On behalf of farm animals everywhere, thank you for all your support.

With very best wishes,

Phil Lymbery

Natasha Smith
Campaigns Manager

PS: 2020 is a hugely significant year for UK legislation, setting the agenda for the future of the country. We must ensure the law protects UK farm animals, now and for generations to come. Please, contact your MP today.



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