The God Delusion



Once there was a drought.

Fish ponds shrank down,


Paddy fields dried up,


Rice shoots scorched brown,


So out of



And rice paper,

People built a dragon

Then set fire to him.

Smoke rose in

A desperate calligraphy,

Until the dragon

Who controls weather,

Finally woke up

And as he started

Beating his wings

Wind blew.

Clouds grew.

The pale blue sky

Turned black.

Rain fell:

Paddy fields were ankle deep:

Rain fell:

Rice shoots grew green:

Rain fell:

Stinking ponds refilled.

But that was then

And no-one really believes it.

Now we build

Radio telescopes

Out of steel,


And lasers

Then broadcast

Our frantic equations:


That an answer

Will come.






Kevin Patrick McCann
Illustration Nick Victor


A new book of poems

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