(The entire evolution of jazz: a found poem)

It’s difficult to say if the initiative
came from permanent equilibrium
or forces detected in the protagonist,
the frontline voice, but the music reflects
the important motivation to celebrate
the entire evolution of jazz by means
of using some compositional concept
turned to the invention of the future.

Either way, we can surely understand,
just by hearing the music, the present
days of the long line of innovators:
nobody else could symbolize better
creation of the new: it goes to the roots
in order to finally reach the flowers
and make them bloom. Are you fascinated
by what interplay may sound like?

On four improvised tracks, the group
explores melodic, timbral and rhythmical
structures on both micro and macro levels,
creating a matrix of nonlinear dynamics
from which emerges an oscillating
and shimmering sonic image, propelled
by a shared approach to the real-time
generation of structure and form.



© Rupert M Loydell
Illustration Nick Victor

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