The Pencil & the Pendulum Emma Kunz.


The Pencil & the Pendulum
Emma Kunz [ 1892 – 1963 ]

Born in Switzerland into a family of weavers Emma Kunz discovered her paranormal abilities from an early age. Including telepathy and healing powers she also developed a keen interest in radieshesia.

In 1939 she began her healing practise and making large-scale geometric drawings in pencil and colour crayon on millimetre graph paper. Applying the techniques of radieshtesia to her therapeudic practice guided by a pendulum these drawings become the central focus between the client and the esoteric therapist.

She considered these drawings to be the product of “the most profound interiorisation of the outward and the purest exteriorisation of the inward”.

Despite the aesthetic qualities to her drawings she did not consider them Art, rather she saw them functioning as a therapeudic device particular to the/her patient and an integral component of her healing practice.

In her own word Kunz described these artworks as “Shape and form expressed as measurement, rhythm, symbol and transformation of figure and principle”. Executed in a single session, sometimes continuously for more than twenty-four hours. Producing a healing matrix through a complex geometric abstractions, colour and symetries used to re-align psychic imbalances underlying the patients ailments.

































by Barry William Hale

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