The Robin has Nested



in your empty head
whilst you were out
betting on bullets downtown

you cannot hide it
twigs & fluff poke out
from your wet eyes

the robin has laid her eggs
just behind your gaze

it was when you were taking
the doors from the doorframes
when you were counting
the sounds of coins

dropped on stone

and when you burnt that small house
by the woods east of the river

the robin was watching
the robin was looking for a home

and that’s her orange-throated husband
you can hear piercing the leaves

with his demands to the gods

did you not notice
that little fighter bobbing

and singing his challenges

in the hedge by the lamppost
to which you tied those nine

frightened promises?

like a little fireball bouncing
and sparking song

whilst his wife entered
your derelict thoughts

he marked your corners
and mapped your ways

the robins have nested
she is keeping her eggs warm

in your cold head


Mark Goodwin
Illustration Nick Victor

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