The Set Up



These are the days of shift and shape
Where facts are obfuscated by fiction
Where popularity prides itself over principles
And a world of knowledge gives way to a
World of wealth and stupidity

These are the days of deception
Where suited hucksters,
with sun sprayed smiles
trade tall stories and cook up crimes

These are the days of deflection
Where internet stars and celebrities
dictate the news agenda for weeks and weeks
Where tabloid tales and leaked sex tapes
Can make you the President of the USA!

These are the days of ignorance
Big smiles for nabbing a smart phone,
A pat on the back for acquiring new hi-tops,
or a luxury time piece,
clocking wasted minutes
at sonic speed
These are the days of food banks
And meth addicted grandmas
Steel hanger abortions
And click and hit money scams
These are the days of the debt slave
Where you buy buy buy shopping for nothing
‘till the day you die,
Where everything’s out of reach
A dead end- a stop sign – a one way street.




Saira Viola
Photo Courtesy of Claire Lewis




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One Response to The Set Up

    1. Whatever the place you may be living – here, there or anywhere – the words above transcend boundaries created by Man.

      Comment by Pranab Ghosh on 21 November, 2016 at 5:15 pm

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