they buried them not knowing they were seeds

1. Bernardo Flores Alcaraz
Every single piece of me weeps. Mama, don’t forget me.
2. Felipe Arnulfo Rosa
I thought the last breath was supposed to be a spectacle, one last grand epiphany. It’s not.
3. Benjamín Acergo Bautista
Be good, hermanita, be good.
4. Israel Caballero Sánchez
I… I think I forgot to feed the cat. I’m so sorry.
5. José Ángel Navarrete González
It feels like floating, I promise you, it’s just like that.
6. Marcial Pablo Baranda
The colours were the first to fade away… goodbye, goodbye.
7. Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño
Maribel, you were the sun.
8. Miguel Ángel Mendoza Zacarías
‘Another lover hits the universe.’ Bang. We’re gone.
9. Abel García Hernández
Now the past holds all my tenderness for you.
10. Emiliano Alen Gaspar de la Cruz
Joke’s on us. The joke is always on us.
11. Dorían González Parral
At least you’re here with me.
12. Jorge Luis González Parral
Yeah, at least there’s that.
13. Alexander Mora Venancio
Does it hurt? Good.
14. Saúl Bruno García
The soil in my mouth is restless.
15. Luis Angel Abarca Carillo
Mother, I know you feel like your words aren’t good enough, but they are, they are. Don’t let him follow me too soon.
16. Jorge Álvarez Nava
I should’ve danced more, drank more, fucked more.
17. Magdaleno Rubén Lauro Villegas
Oranges. That’s what I’ll miss the most.
18. José Luis Luna Torres
I didn’t have enough time to fuck up, I should be grateful. I am not.
19. Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa
There are more, the earth talks.
20. Mauricio Ortega Valerio
Scream louder, we can’t hear you down here.
21. José Ángel Campos Cantor
So many angels, just ordinary people.
22. Jorge Aníbal Cruz Mendoza
They’re falling like flies, finally an enjoyable show.
23. Giovanni Galíndez Guerrero
You’ve been infected now, leaking greenish yellow puss. This is just the beginning.
24. Joshvani Guerrero de la Cruz
The war is happening between sinews and in the goose bumps of the country.
25. Carlos Lorenzo Hernández Muñoz
Back home, finally.
26. Israel Jacinto Lugardo
I inhabit the dark circles under the universe’s eyes.
27. Adrián Abrajan de la Cruz
I’d make a handsome corpse if all the pieces were in the right place.
28. Abelardo Velasquez Periten
Well, can’t say I’ve seen this coming.
29. Cristian Alfonso Rodríguez Telumbre
Couldn’t fully follow your advice, dad. Their guns were big, but believe me, my insides were still fighting.
30. Martín Getsemany Sánchez García
The man who did it was forged out of violence but his eyes were so beautiful.
31. Cutberto Ortíz Ramos
They didn’t even let us hold hands.
32. Everardo Rodríguez Bello
The tip of my tongue can tell exactly where my left foot is. Nowhere near that is.
33. Marco Antonio Gómez Molina
I was supposed to be something more than this.
34. César Manuel González Hernández
It was slower than a sun-melted snail.
35. Cristian Tomás Colón Garnica
We were so many and I went so alone.
36. Luis Ángel Francisco Arzola
They popped my eyes out like a pair of sweet vanilla ice cream scoops.
37. Leonel Castro Abarca
It was like a great magic trick. Now you see me, now you…
38. Miguel Ángel Hernández Martínez
I hope the weeds will love me as much as you did.
39. Jonás Trujillo González
Was it worth it? In the end, there’s no good answer either way.
40. José Eduardo Bartolo Tlatempa
My favourite sound in the universe was that of children playing.
41. Julio César López Patolzin
Look ma, no hands, no teeth, no heart.
42. Carlos Iván Ramírez Villareal
There is so much love in being swallowed whole. I will be taken care of.
43. Antonio Santana Maestro
We were spilled for you, just some baby crusaders. Now you bare your teeth and fight.

Ophelia Ciocirlan
Pic: Mike Lesser

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