To the Bailiff Who Attempted Eviction December 1st



You rammed  open  the front  door

As the cataracts of dawn cracked  open

Appeared in an empty suit, shoe-shine efficiency,

Like a  half -brained policeman armed with  a mountain of  invoices

And a slanty smile, catching the laugh of innocent buttercups –

A fake authority to evict us,

Pig herding us away from our family home

Flashing your weapons:  a clipboard and a phone

Your half chipped tooth protrudes

Suppressing the notes of truth

Creepy bovver boots herald the automated voice of doom

Fuzz ball hair and cigarette butts stain three open buttons

On your lardy gut;

Your face like raw pork

Crusty blood boils on negligent stubble

Yellow beer stink -resting on cruel cold -clay lips

You mocked us – sat down uninvited

The sound of your pimpled laughter meaner than

Beelzebub; a little man with a jobsworth approach

Yapping orders like a sausage dog

Thick grey hands pressed on the desktop

Chunky jewellery on bossy knuckles

High pitched screams slip out of the cupboard

Five year old fingers clutching Paddington Bear

And  Malibu sunset Barbie

A string of tears casting blue shadows –

Blackened pearls from a martyred mother

Vulture eyes swooping in on fairy dust

This rented life belongs to none of us .





Saira Viola
Illustration Nick Victor

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