Two Minute News Summary

Do you know what it takes
You wished that word were what you wanted to say
But it isn’t
And now you’ve said something anyway
On the way to the forum
Accosted by dissonance
It is not your place
Or perhaps it is
The future is undetermined
Though doubtless it will resonate
Of what’s past
Can’t get to C without B
I propose
No he said that already
A secret ballot
Been and gone
The company you keep
Was that of consequence
Enough to go back
No exit
Guitars fetched a bundle
That two minute news summary
Certainly pinned it down
Except I wasn’t there
And have not heard differently
Maybe some bizarre hoax
To get us to do otherwise
Was not there
But maybe I wouldn’t remember anyway
I suggest
But he already said
Grasping for any stray snippets left
If he gets lost again
Maybe I’ll try to give him directions
That is, assuming
Your guess is as good as mine
First in
Gets shot to pieces
The big push
Locks horns
Might be a while
To pass time
Scrawl rubbish on notepaper
Wish you weren’t here




Clark Allison

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