Very lyrical

He clears his throat and begins to read:
I’d walk the tide-line pocketing shells,
Carefully side-step beached jellyfish,
Race my own shadow as far as the pier,
Get up to the prom for a massive ice-cream:
It was a Summer dream…”

Carefully she waits until silence
Has stretched just long enough
And tongue unknotted chimes in with:
“One year we stayed in an old caravan
Only our money’s got lost
But Mum finds ten bob so Dad has a bet,
Well, long story short his long-shot romps
Home at a hundred to one so for the rest
Of that week we picnicked
On the sandy beach,
Played Pontoon for pennies
And Jesus how we laughed…”

“But that’s not my memory!”
He vainly protests.

“Oh it will be by your next poem,” she says.





Kevin Patrick McCann
Illustration Nick Victor

From Still Pondering

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