Waiting For Happy


Bring happy, I shout.

You ask, One with capital H?


Spring lights up doves 

on our ledges.

Windows when opened

gleam with

spiders’ pride-works.


A truck of tar backs in the alley.

Its back-up alarm fancies 

a medley of songs died in youth.


Bring, I say.

It or him? You question.




Kushal Poddar
Illustration Nick Victor

Authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’, ‘A Place For Your Ghost AnimalsUnderstanding The Neighborhood’, ‘Scratches Within’, ‘Kleptomaniac’s Book of Unoriginal Poems’, ‘Eternity Restoration Project- Selected and New Poems’ and now ‘Herding My Thoughts To The Slaughterhouse-A Prequel’ (Alien Buddha Press)

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