When Machines Die

These posters are not just about selling movies
but we’re talking entry level collecting here and
this foliage has a very glossy effect. “You’re just
the one we want,” she said. Are you seriously

telling me that we’ve been following the wrong
man all day? Why are the planets here at all?
Most often we build from the inside out but
there’s something of the cobra in you and his

brain appears to be functioning as normal. “One
day the tide will turn,” she said. This is as much to
do with community as with collecting and your
slightest response will be recorded. Most puzzling

of all are the larger planets. “We need to get what
we need to get,” she said, “but you mustn’t be too
surprised when you see what he looks like.” This has
either been pulled out of a river or dug out of the

ground but we’re all looking for the real deal and
either way this has to happen fast. What’s behind
the red door? These diagnostic machines use trial
and error to pinpoint the problem but we need to

stay on top of the technology requirements. “When
machines die people will carry on drawing,” he said. 



Steve Spence

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