Wisdom of the River Cobra

Under the wrinkle of fading starts

It’s our grandmother’s kingdom

It’s like

Wondering in rainbow slides

Swinging alone

In the echoes of mystic tales

Rumbling with images

Fonting the slides

The talking lips, would kiss

The prayers on the forehead

Bowing to the breaking stone

In this hill of dying history

In this hill of falling mystery

This broken stone of Naga dynasty

In this lost threads of tales

We weave together

And avoid despair

Gathered on this bay of vast river

The eyes stretch to the sky

As the eternal hill

Surrounded with thick sheet of lantanas.

Of the graved tales of hills

The falling river only

Of cobra’s den.

Here we go around the pebbly narrow lanes

Lost and chocked lanes

Here we walk the muddy train

Here we amble at morning O’ four

And the tip resides the reality

The essence of binding spirituality

Between the bones

And the blood

Falls the beat

For land of ours

Between the fall

And the leap

Between the tails

And the sights

Falls the cobra river

As never ending weaver

Of mystic talks

As the neck leans back

The flashing water slides the sky

Pouring the Ganges

From the omnipotent locs

The Shiva resides at the top

The devotees rise to thick

As monsoon need to stick

The prayers registered upon the lips

Bowing heads, hopeful hands

Roll back to ground

To sow, grow and bond

This is the way the nature tells

This is the way the load guides

This is the way mother nourishes

The same way

The temple at hilltop

Resides under the hood of

The river cobra: land of Jhar

O Cobra shape! Esoteric essence! With black beauty

Of rock showcase the nagvanshi’s thoughts

With river shores and sandy sheets

Thou, silent fall, with heart thriving beats

This is green land

This is forest land

Are raised, here they breathe

The tails of cobra river whispered

Echoes the mind

Our tails of lea,

Our history of trees,

For the land, the rivers, the hills

For the breathe, the prints

We need to read, write and imprint.

As trail of tails will be now

Noted, jotted and transported

To every cloud of thoughts,

Wonder alike in the rainbow slide.

Form thine nagfeni(river cobra),

The river from land of Jhar.





Author: Sonali Gupta


Jhar- forest

Nagavanshi- An ancient Indian dynasty which ruled the parts of modern day Jharkhand during much ancient, medieval and modern period.

Nagfeni- A village in Gumla district where a river falls from a big rock shaped as a snake, is named after the nagvanshi dynasty, located in Jharkhand,india.


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