Of the waves that sink

And the waters we drink,

None is the food we eat

Rather, the flood that did defeat.


Of the earthquakes that destroy

And the landslides that toy,

None can our joy deploy

Because there is no peace to employ.


Of the winds that blow

And the storms that grow,

None can our love flow

For they bring us so low.


Storms so strange

Local and foreign, at range

Storms that change

Stories, histories, eternal.



If we write the storm

It comes like worm,

If we paint the picture

It dribbles our nature,

If we make a collage

We study it at college,

A perfect lingering effect.


We do not want to die

Hence, the knot we tie

We love to live

So we cherish what we give,

We defeat the battle

Even without our cattle,

For we must move on.


The path of tide

And the length of time

The part so wide

And the strength against crime

There, we pitch our tent

For life is so bent

Even as we pay rent.



Raged and angered ocean

Thundering and thunderous sea,

Noisy wind and restless breeze

Troubled land and besieged souls,

Only God understands.


Weeping voices and wailing victims

Floating houses and sinking homes,

Hopeless people and dying nation

Only God knows.


Animals and beasts that raze

Humans and beings at gaze

Souls and spirits ablaze,

A world in flames

Losing her games

Evil gaining names.



 The Caribbean tears

Mingling down the Nile,

The European gears

Going extra mile

The African fears

Haunting the file

The Asian wears

Flowing the tile,

The American years

Curing pile,

The Australian bears

Not looking fragile.


A lingering effect

Disasters, natural and devastating

Yet never frightening her

As she hopes life never ends

Loving life to wait for hope

Living it lively to the fullest,

The Caribbean hope

Across that tiny rope

Reaching heights and highs

Nervous with sighs,

The hurricanes not withstanding.






NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker. A graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems/articles in over ten countries. Her first two longest poems of 355 and 560 verses titled THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN published in Kenya and Canada respectively are available on Amazon. She has also featured in over ten international anthologies/books/blogs. She is a passionate African ink.

Illustration Nick Victor

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